Monday, November 28, 2011

Ode to a rubber boot…


In Western Oregon it seems like we only have two seasons…  dry season - July through September, and mud season – the rest of the year.  During mud season rubber footwear is essential.  I’m not much of a shopper anymore - I don’t much care about my clothes as long as they’re comfy but when it comes to my rubber boots I’m mighty picky.  I wear my rubber boots pretty much 24/7 and I REALLY hate having cold, damp feet. 

My old pair of boots recently sprung matching leaks so I’d been tiptoeing through the mud to keep the mud and moisture from oozing into my boots.  Ugh!   Time for a trip to the farm store.  After trying on all of the options (each pair more expensive then the last!), hemming and hawing, and generally annoying the hubby :), I plunked down my money and came home with a brand spanking new pair of knee-high mud boots.  For once in my life my timing was perfect.  The next day the skies opened up, the wind blew in and it got seriously wet and even more muddy.  And I had a new, warm, dry pair of mud boots.  Oh happy day! 

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