Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lambies at Last!

We finally started lambing last week.  It’s been a leisurely pace so far but a quick scan of bellies and udders today leads me to believe life is going to get much more hectic very soon… 
baw Brunhilde
Rockies Wren
baw Beebe
Sweetgrass Katerie

Eight ewes have lambed so far with a total of 15 lambs.  Mostly Churros so far - I think the Jacob ewes are holding out for a better offer.  I’ve posted some of the lamb photos below.  For now they’re just cute lambs.  We’ll be evaluating them for breed quality characteristics when they’re a bit older…
Spotted Badger N-C ram lamb #268
(baw Bernardo x baw Tessa)
Spotted Badger N-C ram lamb #269
(baw Bernardo x baw Yolanda)
Spotted N-C ewe lamb #270 
(baw Bernardo x baw Yolanda)
Black and Tan (Reverse Badger) N-C ram lamb #271
(PDF Harry x baw Audrey)
Black w/TGH N-C ewe lamb #272
(PDF Harry x baw Audrey)
White N-C ram lamb # 273
(SLR Bejay x baw Amorita)
White N-C ewe lamb #274
(SLR Bejay x baw Amorita)
Black Badger ram lamb #275
(PDF Harry x baw Winona)
Black w/TGH ewe lamb #276
(PDF Harry x baw Winona)

For more info. on the rams that sired this year’s lambs visit our website at:

More lambs coming soon (very soon!)…


  1. Beautiful lambs!Our Jacobs must think alike. All of a sudden,end of February & early March, bam - lambs aplenty in spite of the fact I observed the ewes engaging in behavior with the rams last fall that said we should have had lambs by the end of January.

    Isn't this a wonderful time of the year? New lambs, and spring around the bend.

  2. Thanks Kathy,
    Your lambs are beautiful too! Especially Cindy :)

    We finally had our first Jacob lamb this morning - yeah! A first time mom who had a nice single ram lamb. Took right to being a momma and is mothering him nicely. Good girl!

    Several more Jacob girls are looking ready so I suspect we'll have more by tonight. It's a lovely sunny day here and there's nothing better then lambing WITH sunshine.

  3. Cute babies! I didn't realize you were blogging. I'll link you to my blog. Happy Lambing!

  4. Thanks Linda! Looks like you got a beautiful, colorful batch of lambs this year. Congratulations!

    I'm not sure I can really call myself a blogger since I'm not very good about updating it. But my intentions are good if that counts for anything :)

    As of this morning we're finished with lambing - yeah! I have a bunch more lamb photos to post - just need to carve out some time to get them saved and uploaded. Maybe today...

    Once that's done all that's left to do is wait for the sun to come out and the mud to dry up so the lambs can go out and play. Can't wait!